This page is for 2019-2020 Confirmation Students who are being confirmed in January 2021

Confirmation Class of 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have been assigned two Confirmation Mass dates based on the number of students getting confirmed:

Thursday January 21 and Friday January 22, 2021

Both Mass starts at 6:30pm

Students and sponsors expected to show up at 5:30pm for rehearsal and meeting with the presider.

Because of the present circumstances, sponsors do not need to come if they do not feel safe. However, a parent or relative who meets the requirements of a sponsor may stand in the place of the sponsor. Parents may do so as well.

You are each assigned to only one of the two masses The presider who will Confirm you will be Fr. Italo who will represent the bishop. Even though these dates are set, please be aware that at any point, we may have to cancel these Masses so please continue to check your email or visit this web page for the latest update. Please see the list below.

Confirmation Mass
Thursday, January 21, 2021

Emily Aguas
Jennifer balleza
Lizeth Banuelos
Sayde Castellanos
Gerardo Castillo
Isabella Castillo
Joel Castillo
Rean Dang
Linette Diaz
Kevin Dinh
Nevon Dinh
Catherine Do
Isabella Flores
Giselle Garza
Aneli Gonzales
Bianca Gutierrez
Marielen Izarraras
Yuliana Jaime
Tony Le
Vicente Lopez
Julia Mccabe
Diana Medina
Anh Nguyen
Duy Nguyen

Confirmation Mass
Friday, January 22, 2021

Elaine Nguyen
Hai Nguyen
John Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen
MyQuyen Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen
Huong Ninh
Jazmin Osorio
Adrian Perez
Natalie Perez
Bao Pham
Tam Phan
Ana Resendez
Anthony Rodriguez
Randy Rodriguez
Yessenia Rodriguez
Juan Rubio
Isabella Sanchez
Julian Silva
Yunuet Silva
Hailey Vu
Kenia Zuniga

Dress Code for Ladies (Students and Sponsors)

  • Dress with your best Sunday outfit
  • If a skirt is worn, it cannot be two inches or higher above the knee
  • The chest and shoulders must be covered. You may wear a sleeveless outfit provided that the shoulders are covered with a scarf or sweater
  • If you prefer to wear pants, dress pants of solid color are allowed. No jeans.
  • No tennis shoes or sandals
  • No facial piercings

Dress Code for Men (Students and Sponsors)

    • Long sleeved buttoned down shirt
    • Tie and suit jackets are permitted but not required
    • Must have belt and shirt must be tucked in
    • Dress shoes and dress socks required
    • No facial piercings

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