Faith Formation

Elementary - High School

Baptism, First Communion, & Confirmation

Registration UPDATE:
As of September 18, 2022, All Faith Formation Registrations will be Considered LATE and will be charged a late fee.

($70: Elem. - Middle School | $195: High School)

Ages 5-14: Elementary & Middle School

Faith Formation for children ages 5-14 who need their sacraments or simply want to continue their faith formation. 

Sacrament classes for children 7 years old and in 2nd. grade or higher. Students must have taken Faith Formation classes the previous year to enter the Sacrament Program.  They will be interviewed before the celebration of the Sacraments.  The interviews are not meant to scare the children. They are simply a way for us to make sure that the material is being properly taught and understood. Students will have opportunities to retake interviews as needed.

Parents must attend scheduled meetings.

Registration Requirements:

  • Filled out Registration form either online or in person.
  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  • Registration Fee: $60. per child.
  • Parents must have an email account
  • Sacrament students must know all the required prayers

Ages 14-18: High School

Our High School Faith Formation prepares our teens for the sacrament of confirmation. Not only do we help create a open and welcoming experience in their spiritual journey but we also help to empower and motivate through leadership. This program also offer multiple offers of service, growth, and fellowship which includes our youth ministry program, Journey and our young adult program, IGNITE. Our team is filled with energy, excitement and love as we are ready to help our youth grow and prepare them to be the future leaders in the church as well as future leaders for the real world!

Registration Requirements:

  • Filled out Registration form from either online or in person.
  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  • Copy of First Communion Certificate
  • $185 Registration Fee (Includes retreat and material)

Confirmation Students are asked to volunteer service hours for their Confirmation Year. We ask that you please select a time for both dates on the link below on what times your child can participate.

Class Days & Times

Faith Formation for Elementary – High School are on Designated Sunday’s at 

8:15am to 11:00am  (Mass Included)


Location: Two Story School Building 

Elementary Downstairs | Junior High and High School Upstairs

Registration Open!

Our Faith Faith Formation Team!

Please Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions about our program or if you would like to volunteer or register!

“I coordinate the faith formation and Sacrament program for children in elementary and Jr. High. If you would like to prepare your child for Sacrament classes or if you would simply like them to attend classes to know more about God, I’m the person to contact. I only deal with the formation process so if you need records, contact Louisa our record keeper.”

Nereida Medrano

Director of Religious Education

CCE Office: (713) 645-614

ext. 622

"I have worked in the Archdiocese for 12 years and I have been blessed to lay the foundation in growing leaders for our community! I look forward working with you and helping you!"

Joseph Blanco

Director of Youth Ministry & Parish Development

CCE Office: (713) 645-6142

ext. 641

“I coordinate Quinceañeras and assist with faith formation. If you have questions about anything and would like to speak to someone in Spanish, I can help. If you have a youth that needs a Quinceañera, please let me know at least a year in advance so that I can help you with Church reservations and classes.””

Ascencion Landaverde

Office Assistant and Quinceañera Coordinator

CCE Office: (713) 645-6142

ext. 620

Faith Formation Doesn't Stop There!


St. Christopher’s Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry Program is offered to all teens that are in our program working to receive their sacraments as well as after receiving them! We are an open and welcoming family that gather through fellowship, prayer and having a good ‘ol Time enjoying eachother!


St. Christopher’s Young Adult Ministry!

The Journey never ends as a new chapter begins! Our NEW Young Adult Ministry is target to our Graduated Teens who are now about to embark to adulthood and college life! With all the new responsibilities you face this ministry is here to help you and know your not alone! We are here to help remind you of your spiritual spark!

Have Any Questions?

Need Help or have any questions about sacraments or faith formation, we are here to help! Click below to help find the right contact for you!